Natural Hair & the PRO Act?

Every day, people in America are told to change their hair for work, to appear more “professional.”

Whether you wear locs, braids, crop it to 1/2″, like it long & flowing or shaved bald, have it dyed hot pink or left your natural color, you should be able to wear your hair the way you want. The PRO Act will enable any American worker to gather a group of coworkers to go and talk to their boss about relaxing hairstyle policy, without worrying that they will be fired.

In addition to passing the PRO Act, we urge the US Senate to pass Congresswoman Robin Kelly’s CROWN Act, which has been passed by the US House. The CROWN Act prohibits the denial of employment and educational opportunities based on hair texture, including braids, locs, twists, Bantu knots and other hairstyles that have been traditionally worn primarily by people of African descent.

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