Is it too hot at your workplace?

So, it’s hot. Like really, really hot. In huge parts of the country it’s going to be hitting 90 every day this week. This, and all other weather, has a huge effect on our work and workplaces. Warehouses tend not to have air conditioning because it’s too expensive, and it’s nearly hopeless to try to cool a kitchen in service. Usually these workers are just expected to work in 100+ degree conditions with nothing to cool them down. This can cause severe health problems and a few years ago prompted an ER doctor to call OSHA on an Amazon warehouse in Pennsylvania because so many employees had gone to the ER with heatstroke.

Is your employer doing anything to keep you cool during this heatwave? Climate change means that the summers are only going to get hotter and these abnormal heatwaves will get more and more normal. The PRO Act will allow employees to more easily go to their boss with working condition concerns like extreme heat and get a real result.

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